Choose waterproof flooring for every room

Waterproof flooring is best known for protecting homeowners from water damage. And it handles that task well and with ease. But there are so many other benefits these floors have a reputation for. Visual appeal and performance are both outstanding benefits found in this flooring line. And you can put them to use in every room of your home. In addition, the bonus of complete waterproof protection ensures complete peace of mind.

The best protection against water damage

As you shop this flooring line, you'll find out that waterproof vinyl flooring has a core layer. Some feature a wood plastic composite construction (WPC). But another construction method is stone plastic composite (SPC). Both offer outstanding protection, though one is more rigid than the other. And we'll tell you everything you need to know about both. Then, we'll make sure you choose the best core component for your flooring needs.

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Added durability you can stand on

Added durability comes in scratch, scuff, and stain protection. So, even in your busiest areas, waterproof flooring can be everything you need them to be and more. But you might wonder if water-resistant flooring isn't just as good. Water-resistant materials offer some protection against water damage. But the most significant difference is that it only does so for up to 72 hours, based on the materials you choose. This works well for some families, but others need a little more.

Stunning visuals are part of the deal

Some homeowners expect flooring this durable to be drab and lifeless. But you'll be pleased to note that these products can mimic all-natural materials too. So, enjoy wood, stone, and porcelain tile looks with an excellent range. You'll choose your waterproof flooring colors, textures, format, and layout. Match your existing decor or start from scratch with a beautiful luxury vinyl trend. It's easy to include elegance and timeless beauty with these materials.
Waterproof flooring in Lebanon, MO from Falcon Floor Covering

We have the waterproof flooring you need

At Falcon Floor Covering, we offer a wealth of materials and services to cater to your remodeling needs. No project is too big or small. And our associates are standing by to ensure your best choices.

You'll find the perfect waterproof flooring in our Lebanon, MO showroom. From there, we serve the communities of Lebanon, MO, Waynesville, MO, Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Camdenton, MO, Lake Ozark, MO, Richland, MO, Phillipsburg, MO, and Conway, MO. When you're ready to shop, stop by and speak with an associate.